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Clogging Taps



Thank you for visiting the Florida Clogging Council! We are dedicated to preserving the rich traditions, heritage, and styles of this uniquely American dance. Additionally, we strive to promote the growth of our many affiliated groups around the state by establishing a common ground for all to come together, share ideas and routines, and celebrate the art of clogging.

Florida Clogging Clubs
Clogging Workshops Conventions
Florida Clogging Hall of Fame

FCC officer elections are held at the annual board meeting at the state convention. Minutes from the meeting may be obtained by contacting the secretary.

Our annual celebration of clogging is the Florida Clogging Council State Clogging Convention. Clubs from throughout Florida and southeast U.S. join in the fun.

Each year,  we have the opportunity to shine a spotlight on great contributions by our amazing cloggers by choosing the newest members of the Hall of Fame.

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