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I. Purpose – To recognize someone that has had a positive impact on clogging in the State of Florida.


II. Committee

     A. Chairperson

     B. Past Hall of Fame member

     C. FCC Member at Large


III. Qualification for candidate(s)

     A. Can be either living or deceased

     B. Does not have to be a member of the Florida Clogging Council

     C. Does not have to be a dancer

     D. Has to be active in clogging activities for at least ten (10) years




          1. Must be nominated by member of FCC

          2. Nomination must be in writing (see application form)

          3. Nomination must be received by Chairperson by January 1


          1. Chairperson will blank out any reference or identifying information

          2. Members of the Hall of Fame Committee will review nominations to determine that qualifications                have been met.

          3. Committee Chairperson will then present candidate(s) to Board and Hall of Fame Committee                    members at next scheduled Board meeting.

          4. Chairperson will be the only one to count votes and will not divulge winner until announced on                  Saturday night at FCC State Convention.

          5. All voting and candidate information will be kept by Chairperson and be available to the Board                  for review if necessary.

          6. No more than two (2) Hall of Fame awards per year. If no candidates qualify, Committee and                    Board can opt to not select recipient for the year.

     C. AWARD

          1. Chairperson will introduce all members of the Hall of Fame at Saturday night ceremony of FCC                  State Convention.

          2. Chairperson will read the nomination letter.

          3. Chairperson to award individual plaque to the recipient.

          4. Chairperson to ensure name of current recipient added to FCC Plaque for historical purposes.

          5. Chairperson to announce winner and have nomination letter published in Footnotes.

          6. Chairperson responsible for maintaining plaque and bringing to all FCC events.



     A. Will be recognized at FCC State Convention

     B. Guaranteed free admission to FCC State Convention for life.

     C. Receive individual plaque recognizing nomination.

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