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Workshop 1 Cue Sheets:
Brianna Cassisi - "Here We Go"
Matt Koziuk - "Can't Help Myself"
Andy Howard - "La Da Dee"
Workshop 2 Cue Sheets
Anne Lanier - "Gaslighter"
Paul Melville - "Woody's Roundup"
Dalita Diaz de Arce - "Leaving Lonesome Flats"
Workshop 3 Cue Sheets
Cricket Heafner - "Be Not Afraid"
Erin Hunter - "Road Less Traveled"
Kaylie Conn - "Eye of the Tiger"
Workshop 4 Cue Sheets
Maureen Cadle - "I'm From the Country"
Burt Antone - "Lights"
Rebecca Vetter - "Kiss That Girl Goodbye"
Workshop 5 Cue Sheets
Cara Chancellor - "Unforgettable"
Katie Stakely - "Have Mercy"
Greg Dionne - "Kill the Lights"
Workshop 6 Cue Sheets
Jeanine Connor - "Friend of Mine"
Lynnette White - "It Feels Good"
Jamie Conn - "Nickel and Dime Blues"
Workshop 7 Cue Sheets
Kathy Lynch - "More Than a Woman"
Angela Reasoner - "Good Girl"
Kyle Kirkland - "Moose Knuckle Shuffle"
Workshop 8 Cue Sheets
Tracy Baldwin - "Hustle"
Alex Wellman - "High Class"
Pat Bowden - "Too Much Time On My Hands"
Workshop 9 Cue Sheets
Teri Baines - "Hit the Road Jack"
Donna Aberman - "The Other Side"
Laura Bryan - "Pavement Ends"
Workshop 10 Cue Sheets
Merrilie Hindsley - "Laissez Faire"
Selena Leal - "Craving You"
Debbie White - "Smile"
Workshop 11 Florida's Angels Cue Sheets
Sandy Smallwood - "Butterfly"
Debbie Conn - "Yippy Ti Yi Yo"
Marge Callahan - "High and Mighty"
Workshop 12 Florida's Youth and Teens
South Florida Cloggers - "Black Magic"
Southern Rhythm Cloggers - "Caught Up in the Country"
Clogging Connection - "This Means War"
Workshop 13 Special Florida Ties
Kay Trimm - "Something to Sing About"
Colleen Zurbrigg - "The Wind"
Judy Waymouth - "The Night That Pat Murphy Died"
Workshop 14 Line Dancing
Workshop 15 Florida Workshop Favorites
Matt Koziuk - "Moonshine" by Diana Allen
Andy Howard and Brianna Cassisi - "Stir It Up" by Eddie White
Andy Howard - "The Real Thing" by Tandy Barrett and Jeff Parrot
Greg Dionne - "Get Out Of My Dreams (And Into My Car)
by Greg Dionne and Diana Allen
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